Recently I bought a D-Link DCS-5222L wireless pan-tilt network camera.
It’s a great webcam with good surveillance capabilities and night-view. But it has one downside; the web interface sucks. It works great with Internet Explorer in Windows, it even works with Firefox and Chrome in Windows. But when using Linux or using your mobile browser, you can’t see the live view.

I’m a developer, so I did some “reverse engineering” with Charles Web Debugging Proxy to see If I can make my own web interface. It turned out the be not that hard. On my GitHub you’ll find a PHP app that gives the following features:

  • MJPEG live-view
  • Controls for up/down/left/right
  • Controls for going to a configured preset
  • List of the available RTSP feeds

It may work with other D-Link camera’s but I haven’t tested that. Let me know if it does!


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