A realtime clipboard - Realtime clipboard

I’ve started a new project to get more familiar with NodeJS and Websockets.
It’s an online clipboard that should make it very easy and fast to share some text between computers or mobile devices.
The only thing you need is the ID of the sender to connect.
After that, every text you type or paste will immediately appear on the receiving-side (ninja style! ;)).

It’s even possible to ‘broadcast’ text by connecting multiple receivers to the sender.

Privacy & Security

Of course you worry about the security and privacy.
I’ve taken the following precautions to make sure sensitive information can safely be sent using

  • The app is running on HTTPS which means the connection to and from the server is encrypted.
  • Data send and received via the website is not stored or visible on the server.
  • You need to be connected to the sender at the moment data is send, it’s not possible to retrieve the data afterwards.


This is just the first stable release. I’m continuing development to add features like:

  • Clientside encryption
  • Support for sending files
  • Native mobile app to use QR-codes as sender ID
  • Syntax highlighting

Check it out:


  1. I just came across your webApp while searching for online text sharing tools. Very nice – love it! It’s perfect just the way it is. And yes… happy that you covered the privacy aspect of this.

    Looking over your thoughts about new features which aren’t really necessary, I think sending files is probably the most useful (but, sadly, prone to misuse). If you do plan on tackling any new enhancements (I realize this is an old post: 2014, I’m writing this nearly 2.5 years later), themes would make this outstanding app even better.

    Something out of Star Trek LCARS with bells/whistles (toggle) would be a nice & fun touch. Great app: Hope you keep it around:)

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