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Home Assistant

I’ve been using Vera Edge for over a year to automate my home.
But it has very limited capabilities for creating automation rules. It does support Lua which enabled me to do most of the automation I needed, but it wasn’t very maintainable.
A while ago I ran into Home Assistant, saw it supports integrating with Vera and started experimenting with it.

Meanwhile, I moved every automation rule from Vera to Home Assistant and I’m use the Vera Edge only for the communicating with my Z-Wave devices.
That appears to be the perfect combination for me.


In my home I’ve the following devices connected to Home Assistant:

  • 1x Fibaro Double switch
  • 5x Fibaro Dimmer 1
  • 1x Fibaro Dimmer 2 gen5
  • 3x Fibaro Smoke Sensor gen5
  • 1x Philiotech Double relay gen5
  • 3x Aeon Labs Multisensor 6
  • 1x Aeon Labs Inline Smart Energy switch
  • 1x Aeon Labs 4in1 Multisensor
  • 2x Greenwave Powernode-1
  • 1x TKB Home Plug-In Switch
  • 1x Netatmo Weather Station
  • 1x Sonos Play:5
  • 2x Google Chromecast
  • 4x IP camera’s (Axis, D-Link, Foscam)


I’ve shared my Home Assistant configuration on GitHub.
The configuration is constantly updated and includes at this moment the following automation rules;

See the project on GitHub for more automation rules.


Home Assistant has many ways to be installed, I choose for the Docker container. I’m running a VPS on Digital Ocean and have a VPN tunnel using OpenVPN between the VPS and my Asus router at home.
I really don’t notice any extra latency despite having Home Assistant outside of my home.
When the lights have to be turned on because motion is detected by one of the sensors, this is what happens;

  1. Motion detected by one of the motion sensors
  2. Z-Wave signal send to Vera Edge
  3. HTTP call send to Home Assistant over VPN tunnel
  4. Automation rule triggered in Home Assistant; turning on lights
  5. HTTP call send to Vera Edge over VPN tunnel
  6. Z-Wave signal send to dimmer or switch to turn on light

This whole roundtrip takes about 1 second, I was pretty surprised by that!

If you haven’t seen Home Assistant yet, go check it out. It’s open source, has a huge community and almost 500 components to use and integrate with other systems!


  1. Hello, how did you get the Greenwave Powernode-1 to stay connected? Mine appears as dead after 2 minutes as I think it is looking for its controller? which I don’t have as I just want them to be connected via zwave to HA. Thanks!

  2. @Mark The Z-Wave communication is going thru my Vera Edge. The Greenwave Powernode has a configuration option to change the ‘keep alive time’, maybe that’ll solve your issue.
    It’s param 1 as described in this post: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,9212.msg266716.html#msg266716

  3. Hi i just looked in your automations as i have the same fibaro/vera edge an was struggling with my smoke sensors. Thanks I got mine to work now.

    I just wanted do add maybe you could ad the “Initial_state: True” this ensure that the automation is always enabled when the system is restarted and the automation loaded. I had the case that some automations were disable after a restart and it was quite annoying at until i found the solution.

  4. thecodepointErik
    March 16, 2018 - 4:35 pm

    Thanks for sharing your configuration. How do you manage to get the names of your zwave entities named so properly in home assistant. I have connected a wall plug from Fibaro but get entity names like:




    renaming the node in the z-wave configuration panel doesn’t influence the entity names in home assistant..

    • That’s because i use Vera for the zwave communication. In the Vera interface i can name the entities what i want and that’s exposed to Home Assistant.

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