is a real-time clipboard to quickly and securely share text, urls, snippets, passwords, etc. between different (mobile) devices

You only need the 6 digit device ID of the other device to connect.
After that, every text you type or paste will immediately appear on the receiving-side.


  • It’s real-time; you’ll see the text immediately appear on the receiving device.
  • It’s secure; the connection to the server is encrypted with SSL.
  • It’s private; you first need to connect to the other device before you can send something, this way the data never has to be (temporarily) stored on the server.
  • You can connect with multiple devices, simultaneously receiving the text.
  • No registration is needed, a 6 digit number is enough to connect the devices.

Use it

Just go to
Or download the Android app:

Android app on Google Play

See/use the code

The project is open source, the code can be found on GitHub