Device Presence

Device Presence scans the network and shows you which devices are online. This information is stored in ElasticSearch and plotted on a timeline.

This is especially interesting for mobile devices, it shows you when the devices was online, thus within the WiFi range. Devices are recognized by their MAC address, so even if you use a DHCP server with short lease times, it always knows which IP belongs to the device.

Scanning is done by Nmap. Nmap knows the vendor of most MAC addresses, but the app is connected to the MACVendorLookup API with a more up to date vendor database. This way it’s easy to know what kind of device it is.

Device Presence - Timeline

Device Presence – Timeline

Device Presence - Devices list

Device Presence – Devices list


  • PHP >= 5.4
  • Nmap >= 6.0
  • Sudo/root rights for the scanner
  • SQLite 3.x
  • PDO SQLlite PHP extension
  • Curl PHP extension
  • ElasticSearch >= 0.90

Or try the Vagrant box!


See the project on GitHub:


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